The Go Aways use (and recommend) a Tonecraft Bass Pre

A note on the Tonecraft Bass Pre by Baby P Studio’s engineer/owner and The Go Aways bassist Jeremy

The professional music and audio world often overlaps with the wine and food world. Off the top of my head, I could name many more than a handful of winemakers and restaurateurs who all played (and continue to play) music professionally or semi-professionally.

My good friend Jon Erickson isn’t just one of the best bass players I’ve ever met and the co-owner of one of my favorite San Diego restaurants, Jaynes Gastropub.

He’s also — and I’m not exaggerating by any means here — a legendary audio designer. In other words, he designs audio devices that are used in the recording arts. The Pacifica microphone pre-amp, an industry benchmark, is arguably his most famous patent.

His newest entry is the Tonecraft All-Tube Direct Input Preamplifier. And I have the great fortune to own one (above) thanks to a wine barter he and I did a few months ago!

Because I record most of guitars, bass and six-string, “direct” (in other words, plugged in directly to the recording device and not by playing them through conventional amplifiers that are recorded using microphones), it’s the ideal pre-amp for my home recording rig (I use the current version of Reason, which includes an audio recording component, and a Apogee Duet analog-to-digital converter).

It’s brilliant: it’s a tube-driven guitar and bass pre-amp that I can plug directly into to my console.

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